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Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D

4.6 ( 1056 ratings )
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개발자: Tayga Games OOO
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Feel the extreme sitting behind the steering wheel of realistic furious car and bring fast driving experience to a new level! Pick your favorite car and join the ultimate challenge with Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D!

Take part in ultimate street racing competition sitting behind the steering wheel of powerful spots cars! Race at high speeds, drive against traffic and overtake cars! Drive at high speed and feel the asphalt of the track burning under car’s wheels! Come first and prove your worth as a street racer with this ultimate driving game in 3D! Try Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D and dive into the atmosphere of pure adrenaline!

Try to find the right balance between power and grip! Overtake heavy traffic rush, earn money for winning racing challenges, upgrade your sport car to become more powerful or buy new one! Rush, drag, drift and cut off your rivals to come first! Try this ultimate driving simulator and gain tones of fun and extreme! Realistic physic will let you believe that you are racing your sports car through the city streets on high speed! Take part in extreme street racing challenge with Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D - is not like playing usual driving or parking simulators! Do you like high speed racing full of adrenaline? This driving simulator is made for your joy!

Reach impossible speeds by expertly timing gear changes and bursts of nitro! Race your sports car fast through narrow city streets and highways! Upgrade your skills driving and parking in harsh road conditions, choose your favorite car and join the ultimate street race! Start your own racing adventure sitting behind the wheel of powerful sport car ready to drag and drift! It’s high time to burn the asphalt under your wheels! Speed up your car, race all over the world and shift up your engine playing Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D! Prove your worth as a pro driver dragging and drifting across narrow city streets to come first!

Go head-to-head against other racers, beat them while driving their own cars and win the competition. Rush your sports car fast, but try to avoid car accidents! Face difficulties racing through heavy city traffic, feel the need for speed and become the winner! Upgrade your driving skills maneuvering a car through a traffic rush, drifting and dragging over the smooth asphalt with Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D! Try different cars with powerful engines and choose your favorite one! Participate in racing, dragging and drifting challenges to become the best driver in whole city!

Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D features:

- Racing, dragging and drifting challenges – drive fast to come first
- Sports cars, powerful engines, modern upgrades and plenty of sports cars
- Different road conditions – explore smooth asphalt or pits on the road
- Extreme racing simulator in 3D

Feel real need for speed with Extreme Car Racing Simulator 3D! Rush through heavy traffic, explore the city and burn the asphalt under car’s wheels! Your goal as a pro street racer is to come first and win street racing challenge!